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Montenegro's path towards the EU

Montenegro is a candidate country for membership of the EU. Its European perspective was reaffirmed by the Council in June 2006 after the recognition of the country's independence by EU Member States. Montenegro submitted an application for EU membership on 15th December 2008. In line with Article 49 of the EU Treaty, the Member States requested, on 23 April 2009, that the European Commission prepare an opinion upon the merits of the application.

On 10 October 2012, the European Commission has presented 2012 Progress Report for Montenegro. This is the first Progress Report on Montenegro since the country opened accession negotiations with the EU on 29 June. The European Commission concluded that the country has made further progress in establishing a functioning market economy, has improved its ability to take on the obligations of EU membership, and continues to sufficiently meet the political criteria for EU membership.

Montenegro has made another step closer to the European family, when Chapter 26 - Education and Culture was opened and temporarily closed on 15 April 2013
Negotiations are opened on Chapters 4 - Free movement of capitals, 31-Foreign, security and defence policy 32 - Financial control
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